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This page is regularly updated as information is available. If you have questions, contact

This year we will be joined by Adam Rosen as Chazzan for the Yamin Nora'im.


High Holiday Honors

Following a longstanding local tradition, we again offer High Holiday Honors for purchase. Please consider honoring a friend, family member, or even yourself with one of these highly sought-after opportunities!

High Holiday Honors Information


Pruzbul 5782

With the end of the Shmittah year approaching, every lender should complete the 'Pruzbul' process before Rosh Hashanah. This takes just moments to do and must be done to ensure that any outstanding loans are not canceled by Shmittah and any future collections are made in a halachically permitted manner. There is a widespread practice for all individuals, even those unaware of any outstanding loans, to complete a Pruzbul.

The Pruzbul process can be accomplished by completing a simple PRUZBUL FORM  in front of two witnesses and then sending a scan or picture of it by email to the Beth Din at



Copies of this form are available at the Shul on weekdays, where we can also scan and send them to the Beth Din for you. For more information about the Pruzbul, how it works, and why we sign it, see HERE



Kol Nidre Appeal

Our congregation needs your support as we move forward from strength to strength.

We want to ensure that everyone who would like to give has the opportunity to do so. You can pick up a Kol Nidre pledge card at the shul, or donate through our website - select Kol Nidre Appeal as the donation type.

"As we come each year with our stains and shortcomings, we too are needy in the eyes of the Creator, and we too require mercy and grace. We therefore show G-d through our actions that we are capable of living for more than just ourselves."
See Rabbi Mimran's full Kol Nidre Appeal letter HERE.



Lulav & Etrog Orders

The order deadline was Wednesday, September 21st. If you still need a set, contact
Congregation Dor Tikvah would like to help you take part in, and share with your entire family, this special mitzvah of Sukkot.  We have made arrangements to order complete Arbah Minim sets for you and your family.  
(Pricing includes shipping to Dor Tikvah and FREE pitom insurance.)
Standard Set - $54
Premium Set - $72
Extra Aravot - $8
For questions or to email your order, contact
For those who want their set delivered to their home, our supplier is offering drop shipping direct to your door for an additional cost of approximately $22.  If interested, please visit their website Esrog Headquarters.

Sun, October 2 2022 7 Tishrei 5783