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Check back on this page for updates on all things Passover with Dor Tikvah.


First Days Schedule

Thursday, April 14th
8:27 pm - Bedikas Chametz
Friday, March 26th
Erev Pesach
Erev Shabbat
Taanit Bechorot - Fast of the First Born
7:00 am - Shacharit
(followed by Siyum for the Bechorim)

10:44 am - Latest time to eat Chametz
12:02 pm - Lastest time to burn Chametz
7:30 pm - Mincha / Kabbalat Shabbat & Yom Tov

7:31 pm - Latest Candle Lighting
8:00 pm - Maariv
8:28 pm - Seder Begins

Saturday, March 27th
Erev Pesach - Shabbat
8:30 am - Shacharit *Note earlier time*
11:20 am - Latest time to eat Chametz
12:22 pm - Latest time to recite bitul
7:05 pm - Mincha/Maariv
After 8:14 pm - Candle Lighting
Begin Seder no earlier than 8:14 pm
Halachic Midnight is at 1:24 am
Sunday, March 28th
Pesach I
9:30 am - Shacharit *Note later time*
7:15 pm - Mincha/Maariv
After 8:15 pm - Candle Lighting
Begin Seder no earlier than 8:15 pm
Halachic Midnight is at 1:24 am

Monday, March 29th
Pesach II
9:30 am - Shacharit *Note later time*
7:15 pm - Mincha/Maariv
8:16 pm - Havdallah

Last Days Schedule

Friday, April 2
Erev Shabbat - Shevi'i Shel Pesach
Pesach VI
 6:00 pm - Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv
6:23 pm - Earliest Candle Lighting 
7:23 pm - Late Candle Lighting
Satuday, April 3
Shabbat - Shevi'i Shel Pesach
Pesach VII
 9:00 am - Shacharit
7:10 pm - Mincha/Maariv
After 8:19 pm - Candle Lighting
Sunday, April 4
Acharon Shel Pesach
Pesach VIII
9:00 am - Shacharit
10:00 am - Yizkor
7:20 pm - Mincha
8:20 pm - Havdallah
Do not eat your Chametz before 8:45 pm
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See detailed service schedule above.

Passover Registration

Covid safety protocols apply. See the full list here.
Social distancing is to be observed at 8 feet between individuals. All persons are to wear a mask at all times. Please do not attend if you have cold-like or any other early symptoms or signs of any infection.
All individuals must register separately.
All individuals must register separately.

OU Passover Guide

The OU 5781 Passover Guide is here! Grab one at Shabbat services, or contact to have one brought to you.

You can also request a digital copy at

Passover Programs

March 22nd @ 8pm
Join Rabbi Davies for a Pre-Pesach Prep Q & A on Zoom to prepare for this coming Passover. A recording is available HERE and on Facebook.

Sale of Chametz

Please fill out THIS FORM and get it to Rabbi Davies by 9 am, Friday, March 26th at the latest.
You can email a scan or picture of it to, or deliver it in person.
Due to social distancing, and based on the Psak of Rabbi Hershel Schachter, we will not be doing Kinyan Sudar (lifting the pen/cellphone) this year.

Matzah Ordering

Matzah ordering is closed.
For those who ordered, orders will be available for pickup Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 10am and 3pm.
If you are not able to make it during these times, please reach out to us at and we will work out other arrangements for you.

Youth Programming

Fridays at 10:30 am, join Zahava for a musical Tot Shabbat on Zoom.
March 12th & 19th focus on Passover. Look out for fun food activities from Zahava, too!


Review the in-depth guidelines on Shabbat-Erev Pesach from Rabbi Davies.

How is This Pesach Different from Others?

Wed, August 10 2022 13 Av 5782