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Safe Services Re-engagement

We have resumed in-person, indoor services.
Service protocol will be determined by weekly assessment of community COVID-19 statistics and CDC guidelines.
REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to attend services. 
We have set up registration to ensure we have adequate numbers for a minyan and to capture who is present at each service in the case of an outbreak. This includes filling out a brief pre-registration safety screening questionnaire prior to attending each service.

For specific service times and schedules, see our calendar and weekly Shabbat Newsletter. Join our Services WhatsApp group at for updates, as well as our announcements and schedule mailing lists at

Click below for the latest update from our Committee for Safe Congregational Services.

Service Safety Rules

  • If you have symptoms that may be due to Covid infection, you should not attend services or events, whether you have been vaccinated or not.
  • All persons wishing to attend Minyan must complete the pre-registration safety screening. Persons who have not completed pre-registration may not attend.
  • Children will now be welcomed back to services. Children under 12 remain unvaccinated, and will need to continue to wear masks, especially at indoor services and events. We have not yet restarted youth programming during their time at services, so children will need to remain with their parents throughout services.
  • While indoor services/events have been declared safe for vaccinated adults without wearing masks, based on recommendations from local medical professionals, we ask adults to continue to wear masks at services.
  • Social distancing is to be observed at 6 feet between individuals/pods upon arrival and departure of the building.
  • The maximum number attending a minyan is 50 persons, until further notice.
  • Someone at minyan will be designated to monitor compliance, ensure attendees are pre-registered and record attendance in case follow-up becomes necessary.
  • If someone becomes ill during minyan, they are to be isolated at once and arrangements are to be made for them to leave as soon as possible.
  • Congregants 65 years and older should use their discretion with regard to attending services.
  • If you have recovered from Covid-19, and if you had only a mild illness, you should wait 10 days before resuming distant in-person contact with others, and before attending synagogue. If you had a severe Covid-19 infection, you should wait 20 days.
  • Seating will now be divided into 2 zones - Children may be accommodated in pods with their parents in either of these zones.
 1.  Zone (1) - For vaccinated adults who are comfortable sitting closer than 6 feet
  • A larger area where the adults leave alternate seats free, providing a distance of about 3ft between congregants/pods.
  • Children are to maintain keeping 1 seat free between themselves and others who are not in their family pods.
  • Children who are not sitting in pods with their families should only sit in Zone 1 (Vaccinated adults) and maintain 3 ft social distancing (as they do in school).
2.  Zone (2) - For unvaccinated adults, and those vaccinated who still wish to keep 6 ft social distancing
  • Seats are demarcated at 6 ft from each other. 
  • Children are to maintain 6 ft distancing from others not in their family pods.
  • Wait 14 days before attending services if you have been in high exposure locations or situations, such as -
  1. you have traveled outside of Charleston to a region of high Covid-19 activity
  2. you have been to an in-town location of increased risk for Covid-19 exposure, i.e. large gatherings including but not limited to airports, restaurants, meetings, or receptions where social distancing and wearing of masks was limited.
If you have not done any of the above, you do not have to wait two weeks on arriving in Charleston before you may attend services.

Wed, June 16 2021 6 Tammuz 5781