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The Chametz Sale form is below and can be completed and submitted easily online.
If you prefer to print this form click HERE. Send the completed form to or bring it to the office.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2024 (EREV PESACH) 8:00 AM. The sale will be at 10:00 AM

לטופס בעברית לחץ כאן

Are you traveling? If you will be away for the entire Pesach and are leaving before Sunday night April 21, OR if you will be out of the US on Monday, April 22 (Erev Pesach), submit this form by Sunday, April 21 at 12:00 pm. This particular sale will take place the day before Erev Pesach, to alleviate the obligation for the traveler to search for Chametz on the night of Erev Pesach. Th early sale will also ensure that the Chametz is sold even if the owner is in a timezone where Chametz ownership is already forbidden. This sale will occur on Sunday, April 21 at 4:00 pm. Therefore, all Chametz you wish to sell must be placed in the designated locations of sale by this time. In addition, Chametz acquired after this time will not be included in the sale.

Delegation of Power of Attorney for the Sale of Chametz (Leavened Products)

I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Sholom S. Mimran of Congregation Dor Tikvah, 1645 Raoul Wallenberg Boulevard, Charleston, SC 29407 to act in my place and on my behalf to sell

1) all Chametz possessed by me (knowingly, or unknowingly) as defined by the Torah and Rabbinic Law (e.g. doubt of Chametz, and Chametz mixtures),

2) any Chametz to which I have or may have legal responsibility in whole or in part (including corporations or other business entities which own or deal in Chametz in which I may have an ownership interest) or transit goods which may be delivered to me during the period commencing Monday, April 22nd through Tuesday night April 30th, 2024,

3) any Chametz that adheres to the surface of pans, pots, or cooking and usable utensils or mixtures thereof.

I also empower the said Rabbi Mimran to lease all places wherein the Chametz owned by me may be found, especially in the premises located at:

The Chametz can be found at the above premises in the following locations:

The approximate value of the Chametz is $

Rabbi Mimran has the full right to sell and lease by transactions, as he deems fit for such time that he believes necessary as explained in the general authorization contract to sell the Chametz. Also, I hereby give the said Rabbi Mimran full power and authority to appoint a substitute with full power to sell and lease as provided herein. The above-given power is in conformity with all Torah and Rabbinic regulations and laws. This authorization is also intended to conform to the criteria and requirements of the law of the State of South Carolina and the United States.
And to this, I hereby affix my signature on 

I will be away for the entire Pesach and will leave before Sunday night April 21, OR I will be out of the US on Monday, April 22 (Erev Pesach):

After submitting, please wait a few moments for confirmation of receipt

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