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Pesach 2023 / 5783
Information, Schedule & Events

Stay tuned - this page is updated regularly!

Last update: April 10, 2023

Full Schedule

Full Schedule

The printable schedule is available HERE

Tuesday, April 4


7:00 am - Shacharit

9:30 am - Deadline for Traveler's Chametz Sale

6:10 pm - Mincha / Maariv

After 8:19 pm - Bedikat Chametz (Search for Chametz)


Wednesday, April 5


Taanit Bechorot - Fast of the Firstborns

Remember Eruv Tavshilin

7:00 am - Shacharit followed by Bagel Siyum for firstborns

9:30 am - Deadline for Chametz Sale Form

10:51 am - Latest time to eat Chametz

12:07 pm - Latest time to Burn & Nullify Chametz

6:24 pm - Earliest Candle Lighting

7:25 pm - Latest Candle Lighting

7:25 pm - Mincha / Yom Tov Maariv

8:20 pm - Seder Begins

1:22 am - Chatzot (Halachic Midnight)


Thursday, April 6


9:30 am - Shacharit*

10:12 am - Latest Shema

12:00 pm - Kiddush

7:25 pm - Mincha / Yom Tov Class (Rabbi Ben Atwood)

8:00 pm - Maariv

8:21 pm - Earliest Candle Lighting** / Count Omer 1 / Seder Prep Begins

8:30 pm - Communal Seder at Dor Tikvah

1:22 am - Chatzot (Halachic Midnight)


Friday, April 7

PESACH II - Day 1 of Omer

9:30 am - Shacharit*

10:11 am - Latest Shema

12:00 pm - Kiddush

6:10 pm - Mincha / Kabbalat Shabbat / Maariv

6:25 pm - Earliest Candle Lighting**

7:26 pm - Latest Candle Lighting**

8:22 pm - Count Omer 2

Shabbat, April 8


9:00 am - Shacharit*

11:30 am - Kiddush

7:00 pm - Mincha / Seuda Shelishit (Sammy Rosenberg)

8:23 pm - Maariv / Havdalah / Count Omer 3


Sunday, April 9


8:30 am - Shacharit

6:10 pm - Mincha / Maariv

8:23 pm - Count Omer 4


Monday, April 10


7:00 am - Shacharit

6:10 pm - Mincha / Maariv

8:24 pm - Count Omer 5


Tuesday, April 11



7:00 am - Shacharit

6:27 pm - Earliest Candle Lighting

7:00 pm - Mincha / Yom Tov Maariv

7:29 pm - Latest Candle Lighting

8:25 pm - Count Omer 6


Wednesday, April 12


9:00 am - Shacharit*

11:30 am - Kiddush

6:10 pm - Mincha / Maariv

8:25 pm - Earliest Candle Lighting** / Count Omer 7


Thursday, April 13


9:00 am - Shacharit*

10:30 am - YIZKOR

11:30 am - Kiddush

7:30 pm - Mincha / Closing Class

8:27 pm - Maariv / Havdalah / Count Omer 8

8:50 pm - Earliest time to eat sold Chametz

* Babysitting Available

** Light from an existing flame


Mechirat Chametz - Chametz Sale

We will sell your Chametz (leavened food) to a non-Jewish person before Passover begins. The form can be easily submitted online HERE

Deadline: Wednesday, April 5, 2023 (Erev Pesach) 9:30 AM. The sale will take place at 10:00 AM.

Are you traveling?

If you will be away for the entire Pesach and are leaving before Tuesday night April 4th, OR if you will be out of the US on Wednesday, April 5 (Erev Pesach), use THIS FORM

Have questions? Contact the Rabbi

NOTE: All sold cupboards, rooms, and areas should ideally be marked as such over Pesach.

Chametz Sale Form

Erev Pesach Primer


Bedikat Chametz / The Search for Chametz - On the eve of the fourteenth of Nissan i.e. after 8:19 PM, one is required to search their home and domains for all Chametz. Read more about this HEREThe blessing and post-search nullification can be found HERE


Taanit Bechorot / Fast of the Firstborns - It is a widespread custom for firstborns to fast on the day before Pesach. This commemorates the miracle which spared the firstborn Jewish sons from the final plague. As is customary we will have a Siyum (with bagels, lox, and cream cheese) after 7:00 AM Shacharit. This enables the firstborns present to continue to eat for the rest of the day. Read more about this HERE

Mechirat Chametz / Chametz Sale - Make sure to submit your Chametz Sale Form/s by 9:30 AM, these can be found HERE. The Rabbi will sell your Chametz to a non-Jew in his office at 10:00 AM. You are invited to come and watch the sale!

Sof Zman Achilat Chametz / Chametz-Eating Deadline - The absolute deadline for eating chametz is two Halachic hours before midday, i.e. at 10:51 AM. We should also brush our teeth before this time. Read more about this HERE

Biur Chametz / Eradicating Chametz - On the morning before Pesach, before the fifth Halachic hour, i.e. before 12:07 PM, we burn (or destroy) all the chametz that was found during the search and anything that was left over from breakfast and not sold to the non-Jew. Read more about this HERE. Come join us as we burn our Chametz in the Dor Tikvah Parking lot at 10:30 AM! The post-burn nullification can be found HERE

Issur Melacha / Forbidden Work - Various categories of work are forbidden on Erev Pesach after Halachic midday i.e. from 1:22 PM. These include haircuts, shaving, and laundry. Read more about this HERE

Eruv Tavshilin - This is a halachic practice that allows cooking food on Yom Tov for use on the Shabbat that immediately follows. Find the Beracha HERE and instructions HERE

Erev Pesach Primer
Trash Collection
Garbage Truck

Trash Collection

We have scheduled a special garbage collection at Dor Tikvah for Wednesday.

Bring your leftover Chametz to our blue dumpster before 11:00 am on Wednesday 4/5 (Erev Pesach).

We are very grateful to Dining In for organizing this.


Ma'ot Chitim - Wheat Money

It is a widespread custom to give money (Kimcha D'Pischa) to help the less fortunate have provisions for Pesach.

DONATE ONLINE to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund.

The money will be distributed to locals in need  (עניי עירך).

Ma'ot Chitim
Passover Guides

Passover Guides

The resources underlined below are external links

Events & Classes

Events and Classes

    Apr 06, 8:30 PM
    The Gilston Social Hall, Dor Tikvah
    Join us on the Second Night of Pesach for a Passover Community Seder! Registration is now closed. If you are interested, please contact the office.
    Apr 05, 7:25 PM – Apr 13, 8:27 PM
    Dor Tikvah
    Click below for the full Passover Schedule at Dor Tikvah. Visit for all the details, events, and times for Pesach 5783/2023
    Apr 05, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    The Rabbi's Office & the Parking Lot
    Rid your home of the last of its Chametz! Watch the Rabbi sell it and/or come and burn it with us. • 10:00 am - Sale at the Rabbi's Office. • 10:30 am - Burn in the parking lot.
    Apr 02, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Dor Dikvah Parking Lot
    Bring any items you need Kashered between 10am and 11am and we will dunk them into boiling water for you.
    Mar 28, 7:30 PM – 8:15 PM
    At DT and on Zoom at
    Learn the pertinent Pesach Halachot, with everything you need to know about cleaning, shopping, kashering and more...
    Mar 22, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
    Dor Tikvah
    Rosh Chodesh is an important celebration in the Jewish calendar that marks the beginning of each month. Our sages teach that women were granted special observance of these days. Join us every month as we come together to explore new experiences and learn more about ourselves and each other!

Pesach Made Easy

The recording of this year's Pre-Pesach Crash Course

The class from 2022/5782 can be found HERE

Class Recording

Pesach Shopping Information

Food Lion

As always, the Food Lion at 2144 Savannah Hwy is making an effort to stock many Kosher for Passover products.

We are liaising closely with them and they are doing their utmost to ensure that they stock key products, and reorder as stock goes. 

Please support their efforts by giving them our business. 

Local Stores

  • Trader Joe's in Mt Pleasant will have meat, wine, and machine Matzah

  • Walmart Supercenter at 3951 W Ashley Cir,

  • Publix at 1401 Sam Rittenberg Blvd

  • Harris Teeter at 1812 Sam Rittenberg Blvd

  • Costco at 3050 Ashley Town Center Dr

  • Whole Foods at 1125 Savannah Hwy

Online Stores

Dining In

As always, we also have our local Dining In which never fails to offer an excellent array of ready-to-go Kosher for Passover food. You can still order from their Fried Chicken menu HERE

Fried Chicken Order deadline Friday, March 31

Pickup will be at Dor Tikvah on Monday, April 10th

Shopping & Kashrut

NOTICE: The only local catering under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashrut in Charleston (The Kosher Commission of Charleston) over Pesach is Dining In Inc. 

Tevilat Keilim
Plates and Bowls

Tevilat Keilim -  Immersion of Utensils

As a rule, new metal and glass food utensils must be immersed in the Mikvah before they are used.  Please see THIS GUIDE for a list of materials.

Utensils can be toiveled at the BSBI Keilim Mikvah at 182 Rutledge Ave, 29403 the lock code is 'א-ח-ב-0'

If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Mimran

Shemurah Matzah

Hand-made Shemurah Matzah

It is halachically ideal to use only Shemurah Matzah on the Seder Nights.

Orders are now closed

If you still require Shemurah Matzah, please contact Rabbi Mimran

Yizkor Appeal

Yizkor Appeal

This year, Yizkor will be recited on Thursday, April 13, the 8th Day of Pesach.

Yizkor pledges to Dor Tikvah in memory of your loved ones can be made online HERE 

Alternatively, send a check to 1645 Raul Wallenberg Blvd, Charleston SC, 29407.

Sefirat Haomer
Calendar Pages

Sefirat Haomer - The Omer Count

The Omer is counted every evening after nightfall, from the second night of Pesach (Thu, April 6) till the night before Shavuot (Wed, May 24).

Join our Services WhatsApp group HERE for weekday nightly reminders.

Click HERE for today's count.

Forgot to count the Omer at night? Count the following day, but without a blessing. On subsequent nights, continue counting with a blessing as usual.

The blessing is made only if every day has been counted; if you missed a day, say the day's count without the blessing.

Birkat Ha’ilanot
Pink Blossom

Birkat Ha’ilanot: Blessing for Blossoming Trees

The Talmud in Berachot and Halacha tell us that if one sees trees blossoming in the month of Nissan, he/she should make a special blessing.

The text of the Beracha is HERE

This blessing can currently be made in the Goldberg Memorial Courtyard at Dor Tikvah. The two trees are marked below in red, look out for the budding sprouts!

NOTE: The blessing should ideally be said on more than one tree (as below) and not on Shabbat.


Wishing you a Chag Kosher V'Sameach!
!פסח כשר ושמח

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